Governance 2009-2018 Governance in Waltham Forest, 2001 to 2012
Governance in Waltham Forest,  2001-2018
wfcwWaltham Forest - Poverty and inequality data for Waltham Forest
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37% of jobs in Waltham Forest are paid below the London Living Wage – the highest proportion in London.
7.7% of working-age people in Waltham Forest are claiming an out-of-work benefit.
55% of disadvantaged pupils achieve a C or above at GCSE in Maths and English.
wfcwA fifth of boroughs' jobs pay below living wage
6 August 2018
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According to figures from charity Trust for London, Waltham Forest has the highest percentage of jobs paying below the London Living Wage in London; at 37 per cent
In contrast, up to 32 per cent of Waltham Forest residents are currently in low-paid jobs and up to 24 per cent of Redbridge residents are also in low-paid roles.
wfcwAuditors have 'limited' to 'nil assurance' in some council processes
27 June 2018
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Housing files containing sensitive information have been lost, according to a damning report into Waltham Forest Council’s accounts.
Auditors also found how the password for an IT account with the highest access levels has never been changed, and is known by lower level staff and external providers.
2001 - 2018
In 2000 Waltham Forest Education was a mess, its education performance was abysmal.
Jun 2001 Ofsted claimed Waltham Forest Education had a "culture of failure and hopelessness",
Nov 2009 Sir Peter Rogers scathing report on council chaos
Feb 2011 Council admit poor fund fraud took place
Mar 2018 Government announced its Integrated Communities English Language Programme
Mar 2018 Council  investigated 13 cases of fraud involving its own staff
May 2018 Councillors' allowances increased
Jun 2018 Council’s files containing sensitive information have been lost
Jun 2018 Auditors have 'limited' to 'nil assurance' in some council processes
Jul 2018 Labour vote down amendment calling for more transparency
June 2001 November 2009 March 2018
OfstedIn 2001 Waltham Forest Education was a mess.
26 June 2001
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An Ofsted inspection listed five failings, including not doing enough to raise standards in secondary schools, and not giving sufficient help to schools with behaviour problems.
Former Ofsted chief Chris Woodhead claimed that Waltham Forest Education had a "culture of failure and hopelessness." Ministers made it clear that they would use their power to take over the authority's functions if the private sector was not called in..
Sir Peter RogersScathing report on council chaos
Sir Peter Rogers Independent Investigation.

November 2009
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A scathing report has criticised "damning" failures of leadership at an east London council that led to an era of financial chaos.
The review of Waltham Forest council, by London Development Agency chief Sir Peter Rogers, found numerous contracts were awarded against the rules.
Sir Peter Rogers commented: "Good organisations learn from problems and rectify them. Waltham Forest appears to do neither."
wfcwWaltham Forest Council report reveals internal fraud investigations
11 March 2018
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Waltham Forest Council council investigated 13 cases of fraud involving its own staff or partners between April 2017 and January 2018.
Cases included theft, abuse of position and contractor fraud.
The majority of cases involved council employees.
Investigations resulted in four council employees or associates being dismissed or resigning.
wfcwWaltham Forest Council increases councillor allowances
24 May 2018
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Waltham Forest Council has approved an increase to its councillors' allowances.
Basic allowances received by all councillors and paid for by Waltham Forest tax payers is a wage paid to councillors for the work they do.
Basic councillors allowances is increased to £10,634 per year.
Council cabinet members special responsibilities allowance is increased to £47,962 a year.
The council leader’s special responsibilities allowance is increased to £52,890 per year.

wfcwCouncil admit poor fund fraud took place
17th February 2011
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Fraud occurred in the handling of money intended for Waltham Forest’s poorest areas, the council has admitted for the first time.

Records Comment 11 March 2018 - ITISMEAGAIN
These fraudsters are in high positions. They are told to resign and we will let you off without charges. The people who make these decisions, are probably afraid they might be drawn into the charges. A mayor a few years back stole cash, told to resign, without charge A manager of the refuse department requisitioned lots of luxury tools for himself, and a trailer to transport them to his home. When they found out what he had done, they told him to return them and resign without charge. These goods were left in the trailer outside the security office, and over time they went missing. Once at a meeting I mentioned little brown envelopes being past over to gain contracts. I was told you are not allowed to say that
wfcwLabour vote down amendment calling for more transparency
26 July 2018
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 The Labour majority voted down an opposition amendment calling for greater transparency in the council’s investment strategy.
At a full council meeting, Conservative councillors Cllr Emma Best and Cllr John Moss tabled an amendment for Waltham Forest Council’s investment strategy, calling for a member of the opposition to sit on a shareholders’ board.
The board in question focuses particularly on the property investments and developments made by company Sixty Bricks, which provides the bulk of the council’s housing.
The Conservative amendment said: “Investment decisions should have proper democratic oversight. The council will ensure that it acts in an open and transparent manner, fully accountable to the taxpayers who fund these investments.”
But the amendment was turned down by the Labour group.
Professor CantilleBreaking down the walls of silence
Professor Ted Cantle
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“Many members of the Muslim communities feel unrepresented by the Council and isolated from other statutory agencies:"
The report continues: “Similarly, Council officials from the Muslim communities are perceived by many to be partisan, and we understand that some have been placed under inappropriate pressure by Councillors or other members of their own communities.”
wfcwWaltham Forest named London's first Borough of Culture
27 February 2018
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Waltham Forest has won a £1.35 million competition to be named the first Borough of Culture — thanks to plans including a laser light show and an Alfred Hitchcock festival.
wfcwReluctant Gangsters,
John Pitts
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"As far as they are concerned we don’t exist, and even if we do, we are just some kind of problem that won’t go away.
I sometimes think the best thing we could do would be to go out and vote and demand that our politicians listen to what’s happening to us."
Education in Waltham Forest , again!
wfcwOne in ten young people have no qualifications
30 July 2018
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Ten per cent of 16 to 24 year olds in Waltham Forest have no qualifications.
To tackle the issues, the authority is running a consultation, talking to students, young people and their families about how to improve the number and range of options available for career progression in the borough.
A total of 25 per cent of children in Waltham Forest are currently living in low-income families and children growing up in poverty are four times more likely to become poor adults.
Overall, Waltham Forest has the fourth highest share of people in low-paid, low skilled occupations in London.
wfcwSchool unions worry for future of borough’s education services
12 July 2018
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The National Education Union and the National Union of Teachers are holding a public meeting and have invited teachers, parents and support staff to come along.
On Wednesday July 18 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm at South Chingford Congregational Church, 161 Chingford Mount Road E4 8LT, issues such as academisation, cuts to special education services, increased teaching workload and pay will all be discussed.
Cllr Grace Williams, cabinet member for Children and Young People, said: “Schools across the country are facing issues accessing the resources they need to provide the top-quality education our children deserve in the face of unprecedented government cuts.
”We believe that by working together as a family of schools, in partnership with the council, Waltham Forest will overcome these challenges. Contact Steve White on for more info about this meeting.
OfstedIn 2001 Waltham Forest Education was a mess.
26 June 2001
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An Ofsted inspection listed five failings, including not doing enough to raise standards in secondary schools, and not giving sufficient help to schools with behaviour problems.
Former Ofsted chief Chris Woodhead claimed that Waltham Forest Education had a "culture of failure and hopelessness." Ministers made it clear that they would use their power to take over the authority's functions if the private sector was not called in..

wfcwImprovement notice issued to Waltham Forest Borough Council due to poor performance in looked after children's services.

Department for Communities and Local Government and Department for Education
Last updated: 7 March 2013
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Holding council to account
wfcw"Flawed" consultation survey could be open to abuse
24 July 2018
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People responding to a consultation about building new houses can submit responses from multiple email addresses and postcodes.  Rosemarie Mulvey discovered the flaw when she tried to respond to Waltham Forest Council’s survey into the future of its housing strategy. She claims she told her local councillor Cllr Marion Fitzgerald of the issue last week, but says she is yet to receive a “satisfactory” response from the council.
Ms Mulvey claims she was also able to fill in the survey five times using the same email address as recently as this weekend.
wfcwWaltham Forest Council to build 48 new homes - not one will be affordable
18 June 2018
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The authority’s Conservatives have criticised council leader, Councillor Clare Coghill, for going back on a promise made to voters during the local election campaign.
At a pre-election hustings in April organised by Citizens UK, Cllr Coghill pledged that all developments in Waltham Forest would have at least 35 per cent affordable housing, with the aim for the council’s entire portfolio to contain 50 per cent afforable housing in the next four years.
wfcwResidents' campaign group is holding the council to account
23 June 2018
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A campaign group is holding the council to account and ensuring councillors keep all of their pre-election promises.
Waltham Forest Citizens is made up of residents, faith groups and school representatives who work together.
Now, they would like to introduce themselves to the people living in Waltham Forest, and explain a little more about what they do.
Daniel Mackintosh is a senior organiser for Waltham Forest Citizens and a representative of the national campaign group, the group is a part of; Citizens UK.
wfcwCampaigners dragged from Mayor Sadiq Khan's meeting after calling for vote on tower blocks
23 March 2018
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A protester who was “lifted up like a child and carried out” by security guards at the Mayor of London’s Question Time said the “humiliating” experience has made her more determined to fight on.
Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, 40, of Leytonstone was dragged out of the meeting on Thursday by two security guards after she and fellow members of Save Our Square E17 began chanting “Walthamstow wants a vote.”
The group has spent the past nine months fighting controversial plans to redevelop Walthamstow Town Square which include four high-rise tower blocks, built partly on public land.
On Tuesday the Mayor gave the green light to the scheme which was approved by Waltham Forest Council planning committee in December and now campaigners are calling for a public vote
wfcwCampaigners lobby new council saying "we are not going away"
25 May 2018
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A protest group lobbied outside the town hall last night demanding the council fight for education services, libraries, schools and against particular developments.
The Save Our Square  E17 (SOS) campaign were joined by many others from different campaigns outside Waltham Forest town hall from 6pm last night.
SOS has been campaigning against government cuts and the Local Plan approved by Waltham Forest Council in December 2017. The plan includes a number of high rise blocks as part of plans to regenerate Walthamstow Mall and changes to the nearby square
wfcw'Save our town centre' say protesters against 29 storey tower block in Walthamstow Central
26th July 2017
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What competences or experience
have WF's officers and councillors to properly manage building projects of this magnitude?
However, it will provide council with a rich source of funds to ensure the  political loyalty of all those involved in managing it.

What accredited qualifications are required of council officers, councillors, developers, contractors or members of parliament?
Are Britain's councils, like the Co-op bank, destined to be run by amateurs having no formal qualifications or ability in matters such as finance, administration or governance?
wfcwCampaigners vow to fight on as Labour councillors approve tower blocks for Walthamstow Town Square and Gardens
14th December 2017
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Upset and dismayed campaigners have vowed to fight on after Labour councillors approved plans for tower blocks in a town square.
Hundreds of residents gathered at Waltham Forest Assembly Hall on Wednesday to protest the scheme which was given the go-ahead by Waltham Forest Council Planning Committee.
The development includes four high-rise blocks, the tallest being 29 storeys, alongside restaurants and retail units which will be built on a third of Walthamstow Town Square and Gardens.